This short but testing race just outside Monmouth was hosted by Cardiff’s Les Croupiers and featured a mob match between them and Chepstow, with these two clubs providing 70 of the 121 finishers. But on a pleasant day for running, Couriers did not let this pair of lumbering giants have things all their own way. Max had a particularly good run in a race which he looks forward to more than his Christmas stocking, coming 13th and top V50. The 60’s Steves took 1st and 2nd in their category,Herington [31] wreaking revenge on Littlewood [41] for the drubbing he took on the Skirrid and which caused all the sulking in the Carpenters.
Max may be running well but his much vaunted uber-training of Richard [46] has unfortunately resulted in calf injuries to your man so that his descending was sorely compromised, leaving him staring at the back of  Mr Littlewood’s black cat-suit as they poured down the final muddy hill. On the matter of training, I saw Kev writing a memo to himself after the race, following a painful and let’s face it below-par performance [78]. As far as I could read his writing [or hieroglyphs to be accurate] the memo said: ” Don’t do a full-out speed session the night before a race, you chump.” Good thinking, Kev.
One other Courier was in action, on his home patch, but wearing a strange green vest. This was Luke James who had a cracking run in 9th.
Sausage and chips in the pub afterwards.What not to like? Well, the sausages if you are vegetarian. Some people are never happy.