Wye Valley did fantastically well to get the race on at all after dire predictions the previous day about flooding. It proved necessary to change the start and finish but otherwise the course was fine and the organisation extremely efficient, with the usual great atmosphere as runners hauled their abused bodies into the new year. The course was a fair bit over-distance but only the most ardent clock-watchers were upset by this. 212 runners started.
Probably the best Courier performances of the morning [of the year in fact] came from or two newest recruits: Bev clocked an impressive 47.44 in 81st place, close on the heels of Kev [66th with 47.12] while Chris Cleary, in his first ever race and aiming for about 45 mins for the exact 10K, recorded a super 43.58 in 42nd, looking to have something in hand as he made up several places in the latter stages. Certainly more to come from both Bev and Chris…we just need to persuade Chris to dip his big toe into the mud!
Russell, just about to enter a block of intense training following a period of high nutrient-take-up and relaxation therapy at the Monument [he says he’s been working] glided round the course in 39.26, just three and a half minutes behind the winner, Luke Moseley [35.45]. Not far behind Russell was Mike, itching to run through mud and flood, 17th in 40.20 with the Herring, comprehensively outpaced by Cleary in the last half mile, 45th in 44.14.
And that was how 2013 started for some of us!

One thought on “HEREFORD NEW YEAR’S DAY 10K

  1. I’ve been working, flat out!!!! well most of the time…. All work and No beer makes Russell a very dull boy.. Happy New Year all.