Our club training sessions are only available to club members, If you’d like to get involved you can join the club as a member by clicking here 

As a club The Couriers are involved in many training sessions across the week, there really is something for everyone meeting at Hereford Leisure Centre for each session. Training as a club provides the right motivation for people seeking improvement in their running or for those who just want to get out there! This provides a perfect opportunity to meet fellow members, share training tips and recommended events and for a good old natter! A positive and upbeat environment is certainly assured.

Many of our runners arrange weekend runs as groups so please join our facebook page to find out more.



  • 6:30pm, Hereford Leisure Centre,
  • Come join us on a Tuesday & Thursday for the Couriers Clubrun, we have various groups of all different paces (usually 4 groups ranging from 11min miles down to 8min mile groups)
  • Each group is lead by one of our LiRF run leaders who will create & lead the session.
  • To book visit our members hub on Facebook or on the Strava group.
  • Only open to club members.


  • 6:30pm, Meet at Hereford Leisure Centre.
  • Sessions will vary from Hill reps, Road Reps and Track sessions, keep an eye on our social media channels for session details
  • Sessions are for all abilities and you will be led by Graeme Walker

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    Have you heard of Daley Thompson? He was a decathlete, a forerunner of myself, the blazer of the trail upon which I now strut my stuff. But, in case there are any pedants out there reading this, let me be clear , I am using the term ‘decathlon’ in a somewhat loose sense to encompass, well, pretty much any athletic activity. People often ask me: how, at your advanced age are you still improving your times and performances? If I’m not in a bad mood, I’ll give them a one [rather than a two] word answer: the decathlon [oh, that’s two words as well, never mind.] Running, jumping, hurling things, vaulting, chasing animals, shinning up drainpipes, kicking vegetables, gut-barging, even a touch of water-sport [usually in the steeplechase] all these disciplines have played their part in moulding the athletic beast I am. Come to specifics, you say. All right. Take the discuss [the biggest coin produced by the Royal Mint]. What I have found is that the whirling round involved can be used to effect on the track .I was tiring in a recent 800 and a little voice in my nut said, take a couple of whirls. So I did, and managed to rev myself up like a lawnmower, spinning across the track at an acute angle and tremendous speed, removing three of my keenest opponents. Job done. One word of caution, don’t eat a pot of jellied eels before a discuss competition. It can make you feel like you’re on a waltzer with another waltzer going round in your big fat gut. The results can be unpleasant and not just for the athlete. Well, OK, what good is jumping then? As you may know, I often mooch down to the Buttermarket on market day kitted up and charge along the crowded aisles, ducking between the stalls, leaping over shopping trolleys and Mrs Pearson like the crazy salmon I am, once or twice flattening civilians, their canvas shopping bags and purchases flying through the air. Great stuff ! But, how does this aid my cross-country performance? Ah ha! Have you seen me when runners are queuing at a stile on the Croft course? I’m straight up to the adjacent barbed-wire fence and, up, up and away and over I go. Don’t worry if I get tangled up with it, I drag it along behind me repelling all boarders. Without the decathlon training, I’d be Joe Nobody, an ordinary runner.

  2. Hi. I would love to join up if possible. Started running 18 months ago and love it.did Birmingham half last October and really enjoyed it.i always trained mainly on treadmill but due to reacurring injury have realised outdoor running suits me best.i work 12 hour shifts 4 on 4 off so would sometimes not make the training if that’s ok.thanks.

    1. Hi Nicola, thanks for your comment. Well done on completing the Birmingham Half! No worries about not being able to attend every training night, you will be more than welcome to join any nights you can fit in around work. We also have a facebook page if you wanted further information or interact with other club members. Eliot.

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