Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 23.46.03WINTER; THE WOODFORD GREEN CUP & JOHN NORTON TROPHY. 

Just a reminder that these two pieces of silverware, along with glistening medals for the top three, are awarded annually at tha AGM to the Courier men and women respectively who have performed best in the Winter X-C Series.

So, as with the Summer Cups, twenty points are awarded to the first male and female Courier home, with 19 for the next and so on down for each race, with the aggregate totals after Race 5 determining the winners.

When I started these competitions a good few years back the object was to swell our presence in league competition. Happily, this isn’t so necessary now given the great buzz around the Club and the enthusiasm for competition. But, I hope the Cups can still serve a purpose in generating friendly rivalry and an added incentive to splash through the mud of Herefordshire’s great courses.

And maybe before long, my original ambition to include the Midland X-C and the National X-C events in the qualifying races (with double points) will be realised. We certainly have the talent to participate (you do need to be EA registered) and these races are truly epic. Just ask Kev.

All aboard now for Croft. Points mean prizes!

Steve Herington.


Congratulations to all the following – as well as those who pushed them hard – on their performances right through the winter season.


  1. Ross Cameron 87
  2. Matt James 79
  3. Jake Underhill 76


  1. Amy Smith 30
  2. Kerry Wathen 18
  3. Becky Eversham 16


The ALISON COOKE and DAVID PREECE CUPS are a new initiative this season to add a bit more competitive spice to the summer racing, if any more were needed, and to act as an added incentive to represent the Club in the main warm weather fixtures. Results are thus based on performances over the four summer league inter club matches and the County 10 mile champs, using the same format as the winter competitions for the JOHN NORTON TROPHY and the WOODFORD GREEN CUP.

David Preece was a prolific and successful racer for Couriers before his sadly premature death some twenty years ago. Alison Cooke is still going strong racing in the Lake District after a long and highly decorated career with Couriers, often when our women’s section was rather threadbare compared with today. I am very happy that we are able to honour these two former club stalwarts in this way, keeping their names alive in the Hereford running world.

I am just as thrilled by the fantastic response to the two competitions in their inaugural year. You will see from the results below that every award-winner apart from Matt (who is a permanent fixture and eternal inspiration) is in their first year as a Courier. They have all performed brilliantly on tough courses and often in uncomfortably hot conditions. Huge congratulations to them all and to the rest of us who pushed them as hard as we could!

You will see how close the results are. Thus, Clare defeated Vicky only by virtue of registering a higher league position.



  • 1st. Clare Mallender 77
  • 2nd. Vicky Woodhall 77
  • 3rd. Kerry Wathen 73
  • 4th. Aisling Freeth 72
  • 5th. Amy Smith 58
  • 6th. Kelly Marshall 53
  • 7th. Becky Eversham 36
  • 8th. Izzie Seal 29

(Aisling Freeth unluckily missing out on 72 after a great season in which she has improved with every race.)


  • 1st. Matt James 79
  • 2nd. Ben Skinner 78
  • 3rd. Darren Broady 77
  • 4th. Andy Tyler 74
  • 5th. Jake Underhill 64
  • 6th. Mike Link 60
  • 7th. Barry Reynolds 59
  • 8th. Chris Cleary 53
  • 9th. Dave Williams 51
  • 10th. Steve Herington 46
  • 11th. Dave Green 40
  • 12th. Kev Barnes 31
  • 13th. Ryan Lawrence 28

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