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As a club we should receive 1 place in the 2020 London Marathon, The club have always run a in-club ballot for runners who meet the club criteria listed below, If you wish to be considered for this place please inform Russell James via the facebook post/ messenger or via the club email address ( by 31st Oct 2019.

Club Policy with regard to the Club’s London Marathon place(s)

1. The existence of any club place(s), and their number, will be circulated to the members by the Secretary as soon as information is available to the Club.

2. Initial preference will be given to those members who applied for and failed to gain a place in the London Marathon ballot.

3. Should there be more applicants than places, preference will begiven to those have not received a club place in the previous year, and who have been paid up Club members for the last 12 months.

4. If more applicants than places remain, members who, in the view of the Committee, contribute the most to the Club activities (I.e. participation in training nights, representing the Club in competition, assisting at Club promoted events etc.) will receive a place.

5. If it is still not possible to decide between two or more applicants, a draw will be held at the earliest Committee meeting to select those who will receive Club place(s)

Good luck!

Russell James – Hereford Couriers Club Secretary.