Presteigne 2 Rivers Knill Knash Dash

A small field of just 28 runners turned up for the third running of the 2 Rivers. Couriers were represented by Matt James, Eliot Taylor and Kevin Barnes. The course (8.7miles) was undulating and muddy throughout from the previous nights rainfall. Matt beat the course record which he had set last year but finished in 2nd place behind Jon Pugh who proved stronger on the long and gruelling course. Behind Jon Pullen Eliot Taylor (who has finished 4th every time this race has been ran) finished in…yep you guessed it, 4th place! Crossing the line in 8th position was the ever reliable Kevin Barnes, who also won his age group. Although no team prize was awarded (why I don’t know?) we would have won it!

Also runners who competed who also ran the Hurtle the week before had nothing but praise for the event and praised the wonderful course…and cakes! All was very good to hear and hopefully a much larger field will be there next year.


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