Couriers 1,2,3 at Brummies 10km Burn – 10/3/13

Brummies 10km Burn @ Garnons Estate.

After having to pull out of the Muddy Woody this year I was desperate to find another cross country race before switching my attentions to duathlons and cycling and the Brummies 10km Burn was to fit the bill perfectly. Although I wasn’t treating this race as I would a normal league race and more of a hard training run, having trained twice on the Friday (Bike/Run) and Saturday (Swim/Run) I still wanted to see what I could do. This low key event on the outskirts of Hereford attracted a field of 76, including many unattached runners but also well supported by Wye Valley and Hay Hot Footers. Couriers present today included myself, Mike (I’ve forgotten the trophy again) Link and mystery man Matt James..who turned up at 10.40am!

After a bizarre start where the starter had counted down from 3 and ran infront of everyone trying to get the tape out the way, we were off and straight into a long gradual downhill stretch. Mike had warned us about not getting carried away at the beginning, a mistake he had made in the past, a warning that Matt and I suddenly forgot once we had heard the word “GO!”. Storming through the first mile in 6mins 19s we had a gap on the field, as we hit a ditch and begin to climb towards the church I came out slightly ahead of Matt and decided to push on. The next 2 miles consisted of undulating fields and trails leading up to the woods, I tried to maintain the pace of the first mile and managed 6.24 and 6.27. Then the climbing began..

Sliding in the mud and the fighting our way through the brambles, we climbed for a solid mile. As we did the route snaked from trails to single track, two or three sections could have used a marshall to reasure runners they were on the right track as other paths lead off the main one. The mile climb had unsurpisingly slowed everyone down, but the descent would more than make up for it. Straight down the gravel track, a descent similar to Croft, I bombed down the path desperate to extend my lead. Mile 5 didn’t last very long..5mins 13s! Although advertised as a 10km the course was actually 5.5 miles, the finish came up pretty quickly and I crossed the line (35mins 32s) at 5min 20s mile pace. Matt finished in 2nd, 38 mins 43s, recieving a big cheer from the women officals, maybe I should have finished without my vest on too! Mike cruised to 3rd place (39mins 52s).

A nice and easy Couriers 1,2,3 but really today was a gage of where everyones fitness was. It was good to see Matt back after another lay off, hopefully he will continue and will run in the summer and also Mike who hadn’t ran since the Muddy Woody.

Summer XC dates are now out.. need I say more?!