Gord’s Classic 6 – 9/7/11

After a torrential downpour on way to Gord’s, the clouds cleared and the sunshine stayed with us for the rest of the evening. For an event in it’s third year it was great to see such a high standard of runners turn out, such as the boy Barnes, Luke Mason, Jon Pugh, Jon Pullen, a very talented 16 yr old from Wales, Adrian Woods and (your like this next name!) …Mr Matt James!
Standing on the start line with fellow Couriers Dave, Pete and Kev, I thought I would be lucky to finish in top 10!
As the race started a leading group was quickly established and I found myself in the chase group with Welshman Adrian, a runner from Chepstow Harriers and Mike Fawcett. Assessing the field I felt I would be happy to stay with Adrian but try to keep Jon Pullen in sight.
3 miles in and my legs began to tire, maybe a result of the race at Kinnersley, I couldn’t keep with my 3 rivals and let them pass on at the bottom of a climb. I was now 10th and sat back and cruised around for the duration of the course, making the most of the great scenery on a great course, which was been run in reverse to the previous years.
With a hop, skip and a tempting jump in a puddle, I crossed the line, legs weary but otherwise feeling fine and relaxed. Dave was next to finish after me. We briefly chatted at the finish line, but hastily made our way to the cakes, I mean race HQ, we knew Kev would be fast approaching. Pete had had the same idea and had 2 not wanting to miss out, Dave and I followed suit and just in time too, the last slices of Victoria Sponge, a Barnes favourite, were being consumed. This was my time to escape and evade, I can only imagine the scenes that followed.
Anger and disappointment soon turned to pride as Kev saw Jonathan collect a well deserved 1st place trophy.
Great course, lovely weather..a must.

Eliot #