Muddy Woody 6 2011

Conditions: muddy, woody.

There were some good Courier results in the annual Wye Valley mudfest in Haugh Woods, none more so than the superb performance of Eliot to finish 3rd only a minute down on the winner, John Pullen, and right on the heels of the second placed runner from Ilkley. Luke Williams, back from his jollies, also excelled to finish 9th. Max was running tired after a week’s filming in the title role of “Norman Wisdom in Albania ” but still managed to ease through the field for 18th, offering helpful tactical advice to some of those he passed. Steve H was 31st beaten in a sprint finish by his neighbour [who was the one sprinting.] Rich Wall, ignoring Max’s advice to do a steady 20 miler at 8.0 am to warm up for the event, made sure he was in front of Kev because of his fear of crevasses and landslides, the two of them finishing in 60th and 66th respectively. I am unable to confirm that Kev was refused doughnuts after the race on the grounds that a runner fitting his description [can there be more than one?] had eaten a trayful before the start. Mark rounded off his Saturday night out by finishing 119th. There were 297 finishers.