An insight to the original Hereford running club…

The club was formed in 1981 just as the national running boom was taking off. Prime mover was Derek Davies, a postman who found that he was not the only Hereford postie whose legs still had a bit of spare capacity after completing his round in double-quick time. A ‘closed’ club to begin with, it took its name from the members’ occupation and was known originally as “The Couriers”, an especially apt handle given that ‘courier’ derives from the Latin word meaning ‘to run’.

However, it was not long before, with the incorporation of running members of the SAS and others, the Club became ‘open’ and adopted its present name. Road racing and, in particular, marathons were the name of the game in the eighties and club members took on prodigious training loads. Martin Daykin, an internationally known ultra man led
the way but there were a number of other athletes registering very respectable times. Some remain active in the Club to this day.

Through the nineties, the Club was steered forwards by Mick and Marge Pearce and promoted a number of successful local events. Cross-country and multi-terrain races gradually became more popular and for the last ten years, Clive Rowberry has been very much to the fore in building a team of both men and women who have performed well on the local stage. At the same time, the Club has, under Brian Jackson’s leadership, continued to organise popular road races, including a 5k series.

At present, we have successful men’s and women’s squads with ages varying from 18 to much much senior who compete on road, country and fell, with the odd track race now and then.

Club training is from Hereford Leisure Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6.30.m (See Couriers Club Training for more details).

New members, male and female, are always welcome.There are great advantages to joining the Club:

  • Training with fellow runners
  • Seeing improvement in your performances
  • Competing (if you wish) in Herefordshire winter and summer cross-country leagues
  • Cheaper entry fees for all races
  • A good social scene!

You don’t have to be a quick runner to join – See Couriers Membership page for more details.

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