Courier Winter cups, the standings so far…..

It’s all hotting up, with three of the five fixtures gone. We have had 21 men and seven women run one or more races, a fantastic turn-out. A special shout for Hannah who, to maintain her top spot, ran Queenswood when she was under the weather (and probably should not have done!), finishing wearing a coat she’d picked up en route! 

Leading standings:

  • 1st. Hannah Watkins – 57pts
  • 2nd. Clare. Mallender – 57
  • 3rd. Aisling Freeth – 52
  • 4th. Amy Smith – 37


  • 1st. Jake Underhill – 46pts         
  • 2nd. Ben Skinner – 44
  • 3rd. Ryan Lawrence – 42
  • 4th. Barry Reynolds – 40
  • 5th. Mike Link – 40
  • 6th. Matt James – 38
  • 7th. Will Maul – 35

Well done all the above and the rest of us pushing them on! More points to be grabbed at Fforest Fields 3rd Feb (or Ffeb, if you like.) 


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