The Woodford Green Cup and the John Norton Trophy 2018-19

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 23.46.03Just a reminder that these two pieces of silverware, along with glistening medals for the top three, are awarded annually at tha AGM to the Courier men and women respectively who have performed best in the Winter X-C Series.

So, as with the Summer Cups, twenty points are awarded to the first male and female Courier home, with 19 for the next and so on down for each race, with the aggregate totals after Race 5 determining the winners.

When I started these competitions a good few years back the object was to swell our presence in league competition. Happily, this isn’t so necessary now given the great buzz around the Club and the enthusiasm for competition. But, I hope the Cups can still serve a purpose in generating friendly rivalry and an added incentive to splash through the mud of Herefordshire’s great courses.

And maybe before long, my original ambition to include the Midland X-C and the National X-C events in the qualifying races (with double points) will be realised. We certainly have the talent to participate (you do need to be EA registered) and these races are truly epic. Just ask Kev.

All aboard now for Croft. Points mean prizes!

Steve Herington.