Hereford Couriers 5km Spring Road Race Series 2017 – Category Prizes

1st Male                    CHARLIE JONES Cheltenham Harriers
2nd Male                  DAN KING WVR
3rd male                   PETER WOODWARD Forest of Dean A.C.

1st Female                ALICE TAYLOR Spirit of Monmouth
2nd Female              EMMA ROBERTSON Worcester A.C.
3rd female               ROXANNE JONES Hereford Couriers

M vet 40                   MARK JONES  Cheltenham Harriers
M vet 45                   LEYTON FLEET Forest of Dean A.C.
M vet 50                   RUSS JAMES Hereford Couriers
M vet 55                   GLYN SANSOM San Domenico
M vet 60                   TONY CHAMPKEN WVR
M vet 65                   SANDY ROSS Ludlow Runners
M vet 70                   BRIAN SYMONDS WVR

Male under 20        ROSS CAMERON   Hereford Couriers
Male under 17        SCOTT JONES  Croft Ambrey A.C.
Male under15         ALEC HARPER Croft Ambrey A.C.

F vet 35                    JOANNA EDDY U/A
F vet 40                    STEPH MAIN Croft Ambrey A.C.
F vet 45                    SHERRYL HALL Forest of Dean A.C.
F vet 50                    SUE DAVIES Croft Ambrey A.C.
F vet 55                    LYNNE PARK Forest of Dean A.C.

Female under 15    SHANA STEWARDSON  Bridgnorth A.C.

Male TEAM                   CHELTENHAM HARRIERS
Female TEAM               WVR

Wheelchair female      JULIE LAWRENSON   Hereford Ghost Runners
Wheelchair male         ELIOT EVANS   U/A

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