Plenty of green amidst the autumn tints and blue and black and fluorescent yellow (yes, Maldwyn were out in force) but no red at all, not till I came across two little glowing lights in the mist which turned out to be Kev’s bloodshot eyes. With poor Tracy and Roxanne
injured, there were no female runners and at first I thought I was going to have to call on the also injured Clive to get stripped off as we seemed to be one short of a men’s team. But then I saw the familiar figure of a beaming Linky in his honeymoon pink so we just anaged a foursome. But it’s come to a pretty pass when you’re third scorer is 68 and there is only one member of the team under 50 (and then only by a couple of years), with the average age nearer 55 than 50! But at least we kept the pilot light going. Let’s hope the burners will be working at Croft!
Leading us home – and he did burn – was the new V50 Russ topping his category
in a splendid 9th on this very tough course run in the reverse direction from last year. Feeling his way back into combat, Linky was still light on his feet as he moved
through to 37th a minute clear of Steve in 45th and 1st V65. Kev battered his way round the hilly circuit in 75th, feeling sure he would have defeated Sheryl if she’d been
running, closing the team for 10th position out of 20 in all, an all time TW and a far cry from our overwhelming victory here three years’ back. The sun came out at the
finish but the only red it illuminated was poor Clive’s blushing face as he tried to explain to Mr Blenkinsop what had gone wrong.

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