Former League champ, Matt scored a notable victory at a windy muddy Ufton Court again getting the better of marathon man Stacy Morgan. There was tremendous support from the rejuvenated rebored Russ James less than a minute behind in 5th on a generally flattish course conducive to speedsters of his calibre. Needless to say he was 1st V45. What a pity there was no Eliot or any other of our young whippets to clinch a team win. As it was it was left to the Whitecross endurance squad, Dave and Geoff to complete the team, Dave taking 2nd V50 in 32nd and Geoff a smart 1st V60 and 37th less than a minute and a half down on his partner. But really it’s a bit steep asking a man of Geoff’s advanced years to shoulder the burden of team responsibility when he is devoting all his resources to flogging himself up hill and down dale after age group honours. Come on young ‘uns, haven’t you heard of Age Concern? For the record I calculate that the average age of our team on this occasion was on the cusp of 50. In that light securing a 4th team spot doesn’t seem so bad but just think what it would have been with a couple of decades lopped off?
As back up, we relied again as so often on the Peterchurch duo, Neil and Kev, the former this time taking over a minute out of the latter as they finished in 78th and 87th places in a field of 110. “I thought there was another blooming lap to go” complained Kev.”The lap markers bamboozled me.”
Sadly for the first time this season we were unable to field a full complement of women with just Tracy and the perennial Ali sporting the red. Again these two performed impressively Tracy for the first time in the Series getting the better of her rival taking 12th some 45 seconds ahead of Ali in 16th from 66 starters. With 1st and 2nd in the V50 stakes on this occasion they will no doubt be looking forward to renewing their rivalry in the final two fixtures.
The next race at Monkhall on Jan 10th is also the County Championships which you need to enter beforehand (£2 to Tony Williams on the day). Please support Age Concern by turning up and taking the pressure off Geoff. It’s 2016 the Herefordshire year of Cross Country!


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