Thoughts of a GB Age Grouper in Chicago – Triathlon World Champs

Here are the brief and erratic thoughts and moments of a young GB age grouper competing in Chicago for the Triathlon World Championships..

  • Time difference…zzzzz!
  • See the sights – WOW, what a city!
  • Mmmmm, American breakfasts – Oh wait I have a World Champs to compete in.
  • Look cool, but Converse trainers will mean stiff calves (not good), trainers all the way.
  • But everyone else is wearing Converse!
  • Calves are good, but I want to wear Compression – shorts no good.
  • Look cool, sleep in Compression wear.
  • ‘How do I switch the air con off?!’
  • Woo, go Non Stanford, Jodie Stimpson and Vicky Holland!
  • The silence at pre race day meal.
  • Zone in. Can happen at any moment, but when it does – it’s serious.
  • Klaxon goes..
  • Arms and legs everywhere, fighting for position then BANG! Fist (probably Mexican) to the face causing goggles to slip, s**t my contact lens! Can I see? Can I recompose and continue? Sort yourself man!
  • BANG, same again, this time a foot (definitely Mexican). Unlucky – hit the bike hard.
  • Through the tunnel used in Batman: The Dark Knight, WOAH this is fast – Na na na na..!
  • Gaining. Run time.
  • ‘Go GB’. Dead turn. ‘Head up Taylor – run ’em down, run ’em down’.
  • Ahhh – Ice bath.
  • Go Dad go!! He was flying. The sense of pride.
  • Mmmm, beer.
  • Go Jonny Brownlee! Race winner, Mario Mola just ran a 29min 10km in a Triathlon!
  • Now enjoy the American Breakfasts.
  • ‘Oh there’s Mario Mola in the street, photo Mr. Mola?’
  • Chicago skyline from the 64th Floor in the John Hancock Tower, breathtaking.