Summer League – Race 1 – Abbey Dore 4/6/14


It was great to see a relaxed Eliot powering up the final hill for victory, looking remarkably comfortable, finishing in 31.23, with a resurgent Matt, grimly biting his well-chewed vest, close behind for second in 31.44. The third member of the A Team was none other than Dave, 1st V50 in 14th [34.54] and running better than he has for about 4 years now that he has set his heart on a marathon. Completing the Team was Sheryl, our sole female combatant, keeping our chances alive in the League and finishing stylishly in 50.30 in 94th. The team only managed 4th on the night but Sheryl has ensured we have a base on which to build.

About a minute behind Dave was Russ 19th in 35.52, perhaps still having bits of the marathon in his poor old legs. Like Geoff who was not far behind, 1st V60, 32nd in 38.48, Russ is the sort of thoroughbred not particularly suited to running up and down streams, through pools and rancid bogs. These are the type of lads who like to glide like buzzards, skimming the surface of the earth. Just the opposite in fact of Dick Wall, 46th in 40.04 and 1st V55, who relishes anything sloppy, wet, cold and slippery, snow in particular, which we were spared on the night. But let’s give massive credit to Waller…we don’t see him for about 3 years, then he turns out twice in 4 days, improving vastly between the 2 races to take his category. Gertcha, Dick!

And as for Mark Adams, the last time he turned out for the Club, I was at Junior School. At least, the rain washed out most of the moths from his ancient vest…in fact they might have helped him on his way as he seemed to be sort of fluttering, semi-airborne round the course, relishing running in his own backyard with the scent of tea in his nostrils and powering clear 61st in 43.10 of the fearsome Kev who was furious that the river crossing had been taken out.

“I was bloomin’ saving meself for that” he moaned, crossing the line in 64th, just 7 seconds behind Mothman. “That would have sorted them out!’

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