THE SUGARLOAF FELL RACE [7 miles 1725 ft climb] 13/4/13


The Couriers Fell squad was out in force for the longer Sugarloaf race which attracted more than 80 runners on a day of drizzle, chilly wind and mist growing increasingly dense towards the summit. There were many tales of poor navigation [especially from the Wye Valley boys] but on the descent, after once more letting the Herring play patsy to the top, young Littlewood hitched his wagon to one of the canniest exponents of fellcraft, Simon Blease and found himself guided with geometric precision to the lower slopes and another well deserved V60 victory. He was paced across the playing fields by Neil who for the second week running decided that he wanted to run a longer route than the one required. Rich, after a strong ascent, swapping places with Fishface on the way up, charged downhill but a bit too fast as, not for the first time in his career, he overshot his turn and surrendered positions to Little and Lewi. He did manage to hold off Clara however who herself had gone walkabout halfway down the hillside, hoping to lose the Courier she was with in a mist pocket. Behind her, Steve H, Clive and Martyn arrived in due course looking, well, ready for their slippers.