The Chairperson would like to offer a full and unreserved apology to Mr Kevin Barnes for omitting to deliver his prepared tribute to him at Sunday’s AGM. This was caused by an autocue malfunction, itself occasioned by some unrest and vociferous heckling during the Chairperson’s controversial address. Below is the complete text of what should have been uttered on the night:
“…and so to another V50 stalwart, none other than Kev ‘Barney’ Barnes, who has graced the Herefordshire League in every one of its 30 + years and, not content with running on road, country,track and fell, has proved himself equally at home in the discuss cage, the long jump pit and the water jump of the steeplechase. Some of you tonight may possibly not know that Kev is the only fell runner in Britain to be permanently excused by the governing body from carrying full emergency kit in the most extreme conditions because of the extraordinary potency of his own internal heat sources. Fair play! But Kev is more than the quintessential athlete’s athlete, he is a man always ready to help out at Club races and other functions. His equanimty and sense of humour are legendary and he has rarely been provoked to anger by even some of the wild and inaccurate claims that have appeared from time to time on this site. I think the last time was when your Chairperson recounted a tall tale concerning an encounter with a bloodstained cockerell up at Maerdy Farm. I will not go into details of the savage tussle that ensued, involving beaks, claws, teeth, severed wattle, flying feathers, torn shorts and a brutal neck-twisting as that would only be to repeat the libel that led to the regrettable involvement of Mr Barnes’ solicitor.”
I trust that sets the record straight.
Steve Herington [Chairperson].