TOR Y FOEL FELL RACE [4.5 miles, 1,126′ climb] 12/1/13

A welcome snow flurry greeted the 99 competitors as they headed back down the hillside after the long climb to the top of Tor y Foel, overlooking the picturesque Tallybont Reservoir. Couriers were out in force, greedy for winter series points and, on the whole, fared well. 
Max continued his good form, convincingly beating his main V50 Series rival but missing out on a race prize to a runner from Essex, that breeding ground of the truly classy athlete. Neil was unaccountably running in flats which must have cost him a few places but he still finished well up and lies 2nd V40 in the Series. In the V60’s there was a most regrettable incident, I am sorry to report. As usual, the old antelope, Littlewood had overhauled his spidery colleague, Herington on the descent, only for the latter to close up on the flat, stony railway bed towards the finish. Issuing the time-honoured call, “coming through on your left”, Herington was met with the response, “oh no you’re not” so attempted to squeeze past the imposing superstructure in front on the right, only to catch his foot in a loop of undergrowth and crash full frontal to earth [or stone] bang on his crotch. Give him his due, Littlewood turned to check that his pal was OK before speeding on to victory some 10 seconds ahead and, here and now, I wish to put to bed all silly tittle-tattle about foul play and unpleasant “afters” at tea-time in the Youth Hostel. In fact Littlewood performed a groundbreaking first aid procedure on the patient after he limped over the line. And he is still recovering. 
Despite searingly painful calves and certain completely unnecessary comments from passengers on the trip to the race, Richard remained undaunted and was close on the old
boys’ heels as he tore across the dam to the finish. Clive, who has been racing well in the Series, has been troubled with a painful hip over Christmas and was not even sure he would start. However, feeling his way into the race, he picked up speed on the descent and finished in good order, refusing all medical intervention from Mr Littlewood.