The End of Summer

A report [of sorts] on the last Summer League Fixture at Shobdon 28/8/12, with a review of the Series.

Two old men sit in a corner of The Volunteer, by the fire. One, let us call him K, has brought a couple of pints to the table. The other, shall we refer to him as G, asks,


K..That’s what you asked for.

G. ..Good.[takes a long draught]…Yes, that’s Weston’s. When’s your blooming report coming out then? The last race was a month ago.

K. I been busy.

G…, busy? Go on

K..I’ll try to do something, but quite frankly there’s not a lot to write home about.

G. Well, I know that’s right over all, but, look here, I’ve brought the results in from the van, at Shobdon we had 4, yes, 4 in the top 10, you can’t complain about that. Look, see, here, Matt 2nd, Luke James as usual right up there in 6th, Eliot…and remember he was having an hour or two out from his sick-bed….7th and then a brilliant run from Richie, beat a few he’d not beaten before, 9th. Fair play!

K.. And the women?

G. Come on, you know Ali was injured and she still got 65th and 1st V50 in the Series. And Jayne was just 3 seconds behind in 66th.

K. Clickety-click

G AND 1st V55. You can’t ask any more.

K Now I suppose you’re going to tell me how well the old men did.

G.. Well, Neil did all 4 and was 21st in the last race. And good old Barnie made sure Ali and Jayne couldn’t get past him at Shobdon and came in 61st.

K Think he said he’d had a flat in his Nike Air, didn’t he? And of course Geoff walked away with the Series V55. 27th in the last, weren’t you?

G. Yeh, well, 29th. Oh but I wasn’t pleased with how I ran , I just didn’t have that umpf, Kipper. Mind, Dave ran well, stormed to V50 Series win after that below par outing at Aconbury. And when you think about it, we swept the board on the old men’s titles…50,55,60, that’s you, Kipper. What were you in the last one, 50th?

K. Do you mind? 40th!

G Aye, 40th, over a minute down on me weren’t you?

K..At least.

G. So if you tot up, we got FIVE Series awards in the older categories AND of course, Matt was 2nd male and Eliot 3rd so we didn’t actually do badly, especially when you think we had Mike, Luke and Richie all getting top 10 positions at some point in the season.

K And we never had Rich Hughes or Russell.

G So, bring on the Winter Series..we just need Tim back as well as those two and we’ll be right up there.

K Shame we finished 4th overall though, that’s a big TW.

G..Look on the bright side… we’re going to rip the heart out of that Winter Series!

K. You finished your cider? Whose round is it?

G.[checks his Garmin]….Ooh, better make a move ..Trudi will have the dinner ready in a couple of minutes.

And G springs from his seat, followed at length by K, who has a last long look across at the Bar before letting the door slam shut behind him.