New Years Day 10km

Some of you maybe surprised to see I attended this event..! My New Years Eve consisted of watching Match of the Day and falling asleep through the Wolves game..

Couriers on the this extremely windy and grey day were Richard, Nigel, Nibbo and Barney.

On the start line there was a lack of Blue Vests, no Luke Mason, no Barney junior or Jon Pullen.. which was good! So I lined up next to Stuart Moore, Jim Hicks and Richard Hughes.   

The first hill on the course saw people jostling for positions and Richard and I soon passed Jim and I pushed on to catch up with Stuart. I cheekily tucked in behind Stu to protect me from the wind and did so for 2km. I was feeling ok and edged away to catch up with another runner and a guy from Worcs. Together we climbed and remained a 3 untill the 7km point. As usual I began to fade away and glanced back to see if Stuart was in sight. 

On the final hill, the 2 ahead still in sight and with great support from Nikki et al, I dug in. Stuart wasn’t going to catch me, but maybe I could pass one of the guys ahead. I did so, just as we sped under the bridge on the finishing straight. I even apologised to him when we finished!! 

Finishing in 9th place, first Hereford man (I have to say man because Sarah Waldron stormed to 5th place), not a quick time, 37.12, 21 seconds ahead of Stuart.

Nigel finished in 42mins, Kevin 46.09 and Nibbo 49.11.

Richard unfortunately had to make the tough but sensible decision to drop out at around the 2km point due to papiltations.

Roll on Monkhall..

Don’t forget its £2!

Eliot #

2 thoughts on “New Years Day 10km

  1. “Falling asleep during the Wolves game”… you were in a trance, lad, not used to fine, flowing football when you’ve been on a diet of the Bluenoses slogging it out versus Doncaster Enginesheds F.C..

    But I’m delighted the hypnosis produced such a good run from you.