Crocodile 29th May

We had a great turn-out for the Croc with some good performances in the dry conditions. Let’s hope we can carry this form into the Summer League.

And if one man embodies the spirit of the Crocodile, it is surely our Kev. Just think of those small, hungry eyes, the gnarled hide, the jagged white gnashers, the lumbering gait and the thrashing tail. After an adequate breakfast of half a side of wildebeast and a shoal of kippers, he burst free from his fellow runners and dragged his slithery old carcass up and down Badinage Wood, finishing 76th in 1.06. But what’s this, he’s not happy with his run? Why? “No mud, no raging torrent. How the bloody hell can a crocodile work in the dry? And they missed me off the bloomin’ results.”

Other positions:

Eliot 11 55.32
Max 15 56.13
Dave 20 57.10
Luke 22 57.47
Neil 25 58.43
Mike 29 59.34
Steve H. 48 1.01.12
Sally 53 1.02.06
Nigel 134 1.13.22 [Decided to give the whole field a 5 minute start]
Steve N. 207 1.24.03
Holly 232 1.28.09

262 finishers.

When asked why Kev had been missed off the results, an official stated, “how can you be in the crocodile when you are one?’