There was a good attendance at the AGM 13/3/11. Many thanks to Clive for organising such a good event.

In reporting on the year passed, I spoke of a mixed picture with moderate team performances in the Leagues and an almost complete absence of new recruits despite efforts. On the other hand, we have welcomed back Holly and Rich Hughes. Other positives over the year were our successful running of the first Harewood Hurtle under the expert and efficient directorship [no, not dictatorship] of Julie, with great help from Max and Clive and our good showing in the Cotswold 10 leg off-road relay, organised by Max who is taking on the role again this year. We are also reviving the 5K series which we hope will bring in needed revenue. As you will know, Kev is leading this project.
This year has also seen the creation of the new Couriers blog/website brilliantly set up and run by Webmaster, Eliot.

Male athlete of the year most deservedly went to Eliot and the female, equally deservedly, to Amy, both of whom also won the respective Courier points X-C cups [see separate page for details]. Congratulations to both! The popular and overwhelming winner of the prestigious Club Person of the Year Shield was Julie Suff, who has worked so hard and successfully for the Couriers.

After the meeting, as Eliot has already reported, we repaired to the bowling alleys where sadly Max tweaked a calf muscle in his desperate but unavailing attempt to overhaul the Club Chairperson’s mammoth score. It was also regrettable that there was a black-out after Kev, fed up with a few ‘null points’ efforts, started to use the bowls for shot put practice and brought down the overhead lighting. Otherwise a great night.