TGS Bowling

In lane 7 Eliot took a commanding early lead, but in like so many races before, burnt out and fizzled out of contention for the victory. Mark Adams hit more gutter balls than he’s done races this season (but not as many holidays as he’s been on this year)! Kevin’s bowling style was more suited to the shot put circle and also tried his intellect at the pub quiz in the background with surprising results (ie. I think he got 3 correct!) maybe a contestant for the next series of QI. Richard’s comeback to running was thankfully better than his bowling comeback. Meanwhile Mr Rowberry came up with the goods, more through consistency than big scoring bowls, for overall victory.

Lane 8 was a more serious affair. Geoff provided every bowler with coaching tips but failed to put theory into practice. Max Suff brushed aside the Norman Wisdom persona and wore the right attire for such an event (unlike at Presteigne!) and bowled some accurate shots. Chairman Steve Herington, was the dark horse of the pack and went unnoticed to claim second place behind big scoring Mike Link.  

 Eliot #

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